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About Us

"Making IT Work For You"

Bigfish Technology was started over 5 years ago by Tristan Ellett (B.Inf.Sys., B.Bus.). In 1999 Tristan's aim was simply to provide quality IT solutions.

Since then Bigfish Technology has achieved wonderful growth and continues to provide personalised IT solutions to hundreds of clients throughout Victoria. We would love to get to know you and your needs. Please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment to showcase our work and to find out how we can help you ensure that you are maximizing your IT productivity.

Our Mission

To provide the best Information Technology solutions that make computing a productive and enriching experience.  Our solutions will be aligned with the needs and business processes of every client, ensuring that we meet or exceed all expectations placed on us.

To do this, Bigfish Technology will:

bulletListen to the issues that our clients are facing, BEFORE advising on solutions. 
No one solution is the right solution in every situation, so unless we completely understand our clients circumstances, then we are unable to do our job properly.  Having strong relationships with our clients has always been vital to our success.
bulletOnly supply quality solutions.
As an IT solutions provider, we understand the importance of quality.  Bigfish Technology will not supply hardware or software that we are not 100% satisfied with.  We have spent 5 years fostering relationships with leading IT suppliers so as when it comes to serving our customers, we know that what we provide is from trustworthy and reliable sources.  For 5 years we have been choosing to work with suppliers that meet our high standards of excellence, and then fostering strong relationships with them to ensure that together we provide the best solutions to our clients.
bulletKeep the solution simple for the end user (donít baffle with tech talk), whilst ensuring that that latest technology is used.
There is so much computer jargon out there.  That is one reason why our clients employee Bigfish Technology.  We will only ever communicate with our clients in a language that they can understand.  This does not mean that our client wonít get the best solutions, it means that our clients will get the best solutions in an environment where they know how to use them.
bulletWork through the obstacles to provide the answers.
Sometimes there are roadblocks that can cause problems, Bigfish Technology is focussed on working through problems, with a minimal fuss or disruptions to clients.  Every problem has a solutions and our job (not yours) is to remove those roadblocks to allow us to more forward.


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